How to Dress for Graduation


Graduation dresses for college should be something conservative but still classy and sassy to wear. You’ll want to look mature, but still look great and age-appropriate. A young lady should take the extra time to do her hair, either by curling it or straightening it. She should also wear make-up and look as stunning as […]

What is semi formal attire for women?


Semi formal attire for women can be worn for a party where the dress code is not strictly given. In such instances, semi formal attire for women is the best way to go, considering that one doesn’t have to dress in a particular way. Dressing for such an event can be quite confusing, but you […]

What is cocktail attire for women


Trying to figure out what defines cocktail attire for women can be quite confusing. This is because cocktail parties often have a dress code to follow. The first piece of advice this article will give is that it is always easy to follow the dress code guidelines. Once you deter from the dress code for […]

Prom Dress Shopping Tips


Prom is a big event which makes prom dress shopping a big deal. The following dress shopping tips that apply to all sizes and body styles will ensure that you step out looking chic and stylish and that you enjoy shopping for your prom dress.

Sell Your Wedding Dress

How to Sell a Wedding Dress

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding but on the big day, the focus is always on the bride and her gown. When the big day is over, your wedding dress remains an important memento. You can also keep it to pass on to your daughter or someone else in the […]

How to Sell a Prom Dress


Prom was great but it came and went and you are thinking that perhaps you should sell your prom dress. It may be because you will never wear it again, it does not fit you any more or you need the money. If you are thinking of selling, now is a good time. Prom is […]

What to Wear to a Baby Shower


A baby shower is that special moment when the mother to be and the yet to be born baby are pampered and wished the very best. It is that time to celebrate the new life, of the family in style. The elaborate decorations during the event echo the unspoken message of love. Whether you are […]

What is the Difference between Junior and Misses?


While women generally pay a lot of attention to their weight and size, dress size is not always so clear. For one, size 12 is the equivalent of size 14 in another store. Also, there are other size differentiations such as plus, tall, miss, junior and petite sizes. These variations such as the difference between […]

What Size am I?

Before shot - George launched the Wonderfit Jean - the magical jean where one size fits all

As much preoccupation women have about their weight and the size of the clothes they can fit into, what size am I is a question that they are often asking themselves. The reason for this is that there is different fashion labels and stores have different size charts. Size 12 in one label is size […]