Prom Dress Shopping Tips


Prom is a big event which makes prom dress shopping a big deal. The following dress shopping tips that apply to all sizes and body styles will ensure that you step out looking chic and stylish and that you enjoy shopping for your prom dress.

1) Shops and malls are busiest during weekends so shop during the week. Also, most stores restock during the week so you have a good chance of finding a dress in your style, size and colour before the crowds get to it on the weekend. You are also likely to find markdowns on dresses as new ones are put out during the week.

2) Working out your budget beforehand can also point you in the right direction. You can narrow down the stores to go prom dress shopping by price range.

3) Still on the best time to shop, the week is best because the sales staff are not as busy and they can pay attention to you. They can narrow down the choices according to what you are looking for, saving you a lot of time.

4) Another one of dress shopping tips that will get you a gorgeous prom dress faster is to understand there are sizing differences between different stores and brands. Go shopping with your waist, bust and hip measurements and your body type rather than a definite size like size 12. The staff can help you find a perfect dress based on your measurements.

5) You also want to go prom dress shopping with an open mind. Try a variety of styles. One that you think you wouldn’t lok good in may be a perfect fit for your body type and size. Listen to suggestions from the sales staff. Be adventerous and try something long, short, in different colours, strapless, one-shouldered and other styles.

6) To get a complete picture of how you will look in your dress, try out the dress as you will wear it on the day. Go into a dressing room, take off your jeans or other clothes and try it on . You also want to be sure that it will zip up or fasten without a problem. Trying it over other clothes can mislead you thinking that a dress is too tight or that it gives you lumps and bumps. You also want to be sure that you can move comfortably in your dress.

7) In big-box outlets such as Macy’s and Dillard’s, the dresses are the same. If you find a dress that you like but not in your size or preferred colour, ask at such stores where you can find a similar dress. You can also get this information on a website and as long as you have tried on a dress and liked it except for the colour or other detail, you can go on and order online.

8) While this can work to your favour, you also want to make sure that you don’t get the same dress as several other girls. Avoid this by shopping at specialty boutiques that keep registry records which means that the styles and colours of dresses that have been purchased for the event can be tracked.

9) What goes under the dress is just as important as the dress itself. It determines how it sits on your body. Try your dress with a number of different bras. Strapless ones can give you lift, comfort and shape with different kinds of padding. Those with clear straps work with everything.

10) Try your dress with a pair of heels too. Even if you will wear different shoes, the height of the heel will show you where the hem of a dress will sit so that it is not too short.


It may not be an easy task but finding your prom dress should be fun. Armed with these dress shopping tips, enjoy the hunt and the anticipation of making heads turn on the big night.