Sell Your Wedding Dress

How to Sell a Wedding Dress

There are so many details that go into planning a wedding but on the big day, the focus is always on the bride and her gown. When the big day is over, your wedding dress remains an important memento. You can also keep it to pass on to your daughter or someone else in the family. If not for sentimental value, then you can keep your wedding dress for other purposes.

Work it or sell it

One option is to re-work it into an outfit that you can wear on another occassion such as an evening gown or even a christening gown. You can also tap into your enterprenual spirit and hire out or sell your wedding dress.

If you decide to sell, a realistic selling price is one factor that will maximize or minimize chances of selling your dress. A bride looking to buy a used dress is looking for an affordable price. If you still have it, show the receipt for your gown to justify the price you are selling it at. Also, check the prices of used gowns on eBay and other popular online buying and selling sites as prospetive brides are likely to do. If there are general or bridal resale shops in your area, check those too. Used wedding dresses in immaculate condition can fetch at least half of what they were bought for.

There is also the option of selling your wedding dress through bridal consignment stores. They are different and they will offer different minimum price options or reserve prices. Consult a number of consignment stores and find out their policies before you decide to sell through one. Some will reduce the reserve price without notice to you if they get an offer. Others have a time limit after which the dress will be removed from the store if it hasn’t been sold. Policies about damage to a dress or theft are different so find out about these too.

Do it yourself

If the policies of bridal consignment shops are not agreeable to you, consider selling your dress yourself online. Popular sites like eBay, Craiglist, Bravo Bride and others will put you in front of an unlimited number of potential buyers. Another advantage of selling online is that you can sell other items apart from your dress such as decor pieces.

While the internet exposes you to potential buyers from far and wide, distance is a factor. Most brides will want to fit the dress before buying it. Think about whether you are willing to incur the cost of taking the dress far away for potential buyers to try. Selling within your locality is best.

Spic and span

When a bride-to-be sees the dress, you want them to see themselves looking gorgeous in it. Spots and stains do not make for a pretty picture. Professional cleaning of a wedding gown is expensive but it is well worth the price. It boosts your chances of selling and it can be the extra that sways a bride who has had to look for a gown at the very last minute for one reason or another.

The best light

Once your wedding dress is spic and span, post photos of it. Take a variety of pictures in the best light. Take close-up photos, shoulder to floor photos, bodice photos and others of the back and front. Capitalize on your wedding pictures that were taken by a professional and post a few. You can leave out your face if you choose to.

Full disclosure

Another detail to include is the measurements of the dress. Don’t give only a general detail like it’s a size 12. Give its measurements from shoulder to floor, the waist, hips, waist to floor and others. Give details of the fabrics it is made of as well as the crystals, beads, sequins or other embelishments on it.


So you’ve found a buyer in your locality, you have agreed on the price and the deal is done. That would be the ideal. It might also be that you found a buyer who is not near you. If you have to ship the dress, factor in the cost and also factor in the cost of insurane. Choose courier delivery which is timely and can be tracked.